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Looking around, a lot has happened this summer. In my life, in lives of people around me. Not in terms of the usual life in full speed kind of way, but in groundbreaking life questioning one.

It's been nearly daily that people ask me how I am, with generally genuine interest, they wonder how... and I wonder too. How am I?

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Sometimes people get to do what they love and they do it really really well. It could be in any field but you always end up with the same result - art. Whenever I travel to Slovakia I do my best to make time to et least come for coffee and some dessert at Fou Zoo.

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PIZZA FOR THE QUEEN (not me, the other one)

I don't know how about you but when I was growing up all the food tasted more real. Peppers and tomatoes tasted of sunshine and soil. Basil was so fragrant you could smell it as soon as you approached the market and bread was always crispy on the outside and soft like clouds on the inside even the next day. The ingredients of meals were honest and you could taste all of them in like a symphony.

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It is not that crazy often we go and eat out. Both me and my boyfriend are stay in kind of people. But with Copenhagen having the highest saturation of cool brunch places here and there we venture into the crazy world of endless choices and look for the next great thing. The next favourite where we end up going all the time until we get bored.

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