14th August



"If I had my life to live over again, I would do just as I have done.

Like a character in an opera, between dagger and poison. I want to impose silence on my heart, which thinks it has a lot to say.

On everything I see, on everything that surrounds me, I write your name."

letters to yves, pierre bergé




Weeks before coming to Morocco we had an itinerary and a list of places we needed to see. Partially for work partially for the experience. El Fenn dominated both of the lists but by the time we were supposed to arrive I saw it too many times, Instagram, blogs, guides.

And yet... the moment we stepped into El Fenn's courtyards we were speechless. Colours, woods, velvet, pools, and oh the scent. You feel the luxury but it's not buttoned up, it's the luxury of art. El Fen is like a hive with every single bee knowing it's way around the narrow corridors and staircases buzzing in the softest hum. It's so much more than the pretty photos and yet they are th best I can offer you to get the experience.

The cold January breeze brings scent of eucalyptus oil through out the entire riad that is mixed with the most beautiful selection of perfumes worn by the staff. El Fenn do you have a perfume dress code? Sure feels like it.

The colour palette changes from room to room, courtyard to courtyard. Deep warm reds, ocean teals, citrus yellows and oranges, fuchsia, it's all there but it all works!

It is low season now so we had a lot of time and peace to get all our photos and videos as well as enjoy a beautiful lunch and finish off with a mint tea over the rooftops as the sun set.

I wasn't sure I will come back to Marrakech any time soon but now ...  just me and a book. Reading, thinking recharging... undisturbed by the outside world diving into El Fenns art.



Derb Moulay Abdullah Ben Hezzian, 2, Marrakesh 40000