Looking around, a lot has happened this summer. In my life, in lives of people around me. Not in terms of the usual life in full speed kind of way, but in groundbreaking life questioning one.

It's been nearly daily that people ask me how I am, with generally genuine interest, they wonder how... and I wonder too. How am I?

Every day a new understanding for why things are happening the way they are comes to me and I can be nothing but grateful. I know it's highest time to take all my passions and work on becoming really really good. Grow, improve, find the limit & push it. Determined, motivated, curious, excited, expecting what is the next thing to come. Not in fear but with spark in my eye and wild will. 

How am I? I am wide awake.

And you should be too. Whatever it is you are facing right now. It came your way for the best of reasons. It came to you so you can grow, be better, kinder, fiercer. Fill your days with hard work, exciting strangers and most trusted friends. Try something new, explore the old that always filled you with joy. Eat well and take care of your soul. Stay awake!



Images taken while lunching with my dearest, most inspiring @madaboutcopenhagen at Nimb's Gemyse