Anger. I feel so little of it and it was only yesterday I realized that if I do find myself in that rare state of increased heart rate, grinding teeth, red cheeks, clenched fists, it is the anger I feel towards me. I talked to a friend yesterday about a topic that turned him into a fiery ball of anger like a stroke of a match, it was because the actions of others deeply upset him. For me it’s quite different. I have endless oceans of understanding for actions of other people -everyone has their own battles there is surely a reason they acted the way they did… (I tell myself)

But my own actions? I won’t move an inch when the anger builds up… I mistook it for embarrassment for the longest time, but no, it’s more than that… so I am learning: It is what it is… and I slowly calm my heart, smile and release my hands to embrace the new. 


Images photogrpahed for the launch of @sindroms_