You can ask the universe for all the signs you want,

but ultimately we see what we want to see when we are ready to see it.

Packing for a last minute adventure is one of the best feelings in the world. You book a ticket and go. Just a carry on and big city on the horizon. This time it's London. It's a little tradition that I take off and go to the city during the summer, always exploring something new.

As I am pretty minimal with my wardrobe always sticking to simple silhouettes and colours, so it's the detail I crave in other things. Is there a better thing than a diamond ring? One that you have for yourself, just because. It's timeless and adds exactly the right amount of sparkle to turn white shirt/ black trousers outfit into a special occasion even if it's "just" a Tuesday.

I have found a few favorites from a Copenhagen based jeweler Chanti, with simple bands and a few stones they will be my summer companion.

Traditionally, you would think of diamonds as "engagement" stones but now I am getting them for myself because when I will look down on my finger I will remember that first and foremost I am engaged to my life and it's adventures.



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