It's like that first time you unbutton your shirt a little lower than you are used to and let your hair down, sticking out to all sides jumping up and down as you walk. You don't mind anymore...

Many changes are happening in life for me now, but what the last week and a half taught me? Embrace the imperfections more.

I have been so fixated on the milion visions of perfection that I let go of all things true. Even my handwriting was annoying me for how all the loops always kept the same angle never leaning a millimeter out. 

So when on a Tuesday night, instead of being home by a decent hour,  you scribble the first words that come out of a Spotify playlist into a friend's ipad, one hand holding the fifth glass of wine that day...  You might feel silly when he sends it to you the next day, but as the time goes by you will fall in love with that moment - and it will be everything you need.

And even though nothing that day made sense, none of the letters will ever be reigned by the same angles. At first glance they might look shaky but they will have more thunder in them than anything before. And so will you. And you will finally breath.

And the words themselves? They don't matter. Think of them whichever way you want, but I now finally remind myself "You have to want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first." And so I focus on the imperfections and take them all in.