It's when you are rushing through the street thinking of the day and tasks ahead when it hits you. Stops you drop dead throwing you back years and miles... You turn around but he is not there, you have not thought of him in a decade. It grabbed you and disappeared and you never even knew why...



There are 3 kinds of people that will come through your life. Those we quite literary can't stand to have close to us - sometimes for many reasons and sometimes for none at all. Those we don't even notice - never catching our mind long enough to wonder. And those, that shake our bones like a heroin addiction making us feel everything and nothing, making us swirl in a hurricane of all and one thought...



We forget many things in life, how we felt, how it looked, what we heard, who was there and why. The first day of school with light autumn rain. The first kiss on a bench by a lake. The home made jam still steaming on a wooden spoon... 


Only one thing can tie it all together, bring it all flooding back no questions asked. One thing that differentiatespeople for you unmistakably or makes you overlook them completely. The remorseless reminder of bad and good equally, however far gone it is. 


The scent. It will hit you like a thunderbolt and shake all your foundations. It will make you crazy for people who might look like witchcraft at midnight but oh, it will make them taste so holy. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender for those long gone when you catch their perfume in a crowd of strangers. 

It will remind you of days you thought were forever lost in your memories, take you places you haven't seen in years. It will hurl you into abyss ... and it will never wait for you to ask.

 I knew when it came to the days of starting over I would do it with a new scent. Something, that would draw a line between nostalgia and aspirations, and with every breath I take it would remind me to keep walking towards the good in life because I was strong enough to do so on my own.


Byredo | Super Cedar