I have been using the same mascara since I was 16 and since I like it so much I rarely explore the other options out there in the market. With allergy season in high swing though, my eyes need so much gentle care as they can get. Løwen Copenhagen is a brand new launch in the market and it could potentially be a very good choice: the price of their mascaras is really good! 150 - 180 dkk a piece which is a price comparable to some mass produced high street brands. The wands are exactly to my liking - they compare to Benefit they are real and my long standing fav Max Factor False Lash Effect. The best bit is that they are completely allergy free and all that nice stuff + in a really cute packaging that looks more like YSL than a natural make- up brand. Kinda love love love! I do have to wait for them to come up with a water resistant option (those are the only ones that hold the curl on my elephant lashes) but I must say I am a fan!