Once you find the things you like it's pretty easy to stick to them. The trouble is how many things are out there and how you can possibly find what you want. Some people shop till they drop and their drawers overflow, some are suuuper picky. I think I am somewhere in between.

These are the things I use daily. I am sure I already mentioned the Chanel foundation, the most amazing foundation for dry skin that never patches and is the perfect shade and basically angels could wear it... Newest editions to my routine I swear by are 1. Translucent pressed powder by E.L.F & 2. Body Shop Natural Palette & 3. H&M Hand Cream. The powder is pure perfection, the only one that does not make me look like a cake, I use it only on my nose though. The palette is a great every day easy one, I use the dark browns brows and the lightest brown as eyeshadow. The last bit i a hand cream, easy enough to chuck in my handbag and cute enough to use for flatlays thats all one needs no? :)