January, the first month of the year. A lot of hope goes into it for fresh starts but let's be hones we would all like to skip it and jump straight into February. I feel the time is flying these days and I have to note down everything not to miss it.

1. ROUTINE: I get bored and restless in a routine but I find comfort in certain amount of it. I want to work on getting up earlier and making each morning count. Kind of winning it day by day.

2. A PICTURE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY: Photograph, photograph, photograph. Every day create and push myself to get better. 

3. HOME: Slowly but surely I want to get doing all the cool projects I have planned for our apartment. The kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

4. ATELIER OURS ABEILLE: We took a leap of faith in January and decided to work for our selves. Me and two of my friends are working on setting up our own creative studio working with photography, design and social media. In 2017 this is my main focus.