Korean skincare is pretty hyped up these days but I never really got why until I had a chance to test this vitamin C serum. I am not a skincare pro but slowly educating myself and working on the process of healing all my skin issues. Vitamin C serums were on my radar for a while after completely getting hooked on Bodyshop's Vitamin C chemical peeling. One other serum I had before this one was good but not THIS good. When I applied one dropper on my face and one on my decolt in the evening I squealed a little when I woke up because my hyperpigmentation was so much lighter. You know the feeling when nothing works and then something finally does? I am not even half way through the bottle yet but I'll keep you posted. High hopes indeed! I think I will order more things to test out at, does any of you have recommendations? Tried and tested? What to avoid?