1.Skagen Watch : got this one as a birthday present from my parents last year. I always with between my full gold Michael Kors. These days I reach out for it more and more. It's sporty/elegant so it fits most of my outfits too.

2.Chanel Foundation : I had a leftover gift card for Magasin when I decided to buy this foundation a few months ago. I am running out now and cannot imagine using any other one. I tried looking for dupes because the eyewatering 420DKK for 30ml bottle are hard to do, yet I think I will ahve to do the splurge again!

3.Estee Lauder Nail Polish : The last month I had gel nails on most of the time. I took them off a week ago and used just a simple pale purple nailpolis. Somehow a relief for the nails.

4.Instax Camera : Still on the band wagon of taking polaroids of my cat. Lame? Maybe but gosh it's cute!