The scent of your home is perhaps even more of a signature than your signature scent.

My parent's home smells of fresh lavender, my best friend's home (my home away from home) always has a scent of clean linens and fabric softener. Martina's home smells like gingerbread, cookies and vanilla.

I always remember places by the way they smell. It gives them another level in my memories and every time I pass by something that reminds me of it I can smile or cringe.

I was challenged when we moved houses. Although I loved the space it didn't have a nice scent. We washed the walls and floors throughly with Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Soap but I still feel like it does not smell like home.

There are few tricks I started practising and I feel like they are super useful in case you also want to have your home scent nicely for the holidays.

1. Perfumed papers in the laundry drawers.

2. French soap bars in the bathroom.

3. Scented candles in the kitchen

4. Oil lamp in the living room.

Now, you have to make sure the scents are in tune and are not too overwhelming or all on at once. This is true especially for open plan apartments. 

Vôňa domova je pre mna možno ešte dôležitejšia ako môj  singnature parfém.

Dom mojich rodičov vonia čerstvá levandula, domov mojej najlepšej kamarátky (môj domov ďaleko od domova) má vždy vôńu čistého prádla a aviváže. Martinin domov vonia ako perník, sušienky a vanilka...

Keď sme sa presťahovali byt, jeho vôna nebola práve ideálna. Aj keď som miloval jeho moderny priestor, nemal peknú vôňu. Tri krát sme premyli steny a podlahy s Dr. Bronners Tea Trea mydlom ale stále mám pocit, že to tu necítiť ako doma.

Zacala som používat vonave mydla a vonneé oleje skoro vo všetkych izbach a uzž po pár dnoch má násš novy byt krásnu vônu, práve nacas na sviatky.