It's not often one would pack their bags on a Sunday night to head out to a spa on Monday and I was very happy when I got an email to join the SugarBear Hair event that introduced the product to the Danish influencers.

So I packed my bags on a Sunday evening and Monday we headed out to Skodsborg.

Kurhotel Skodsborg is a spa hotel situated in a northern suburb of Copenhagen. It's about half hour drive from the center on the coastline right at the end of Dyrehave. I have been there before for an event but I never went tot he spa or stayed the night.

It's not that often I get to go to a spa. Any time we went before was after skying. Thermal spa's are fairly common in Slovakia, always situated at the bottom of a mountain and usually very outdoorsy. Skodsborg on the other hand is an indoor mostly experience with salt caves, saunas and warm pools. It felt great to take a day an just leave the real world behind for a moment. Fall into freshly ironed linens at night and wake up to jump into a pool and enjoy breakfast with an ocean view. I am always very grateful for these experiences and I will make the effort to treat myself to some here and there. To let myself feel extraordinary for a moment.