Special Sect  Giving a bottle or two of something special is always a good idea. There are households that entirely avoid alcohol but even those will then be able to serve it to their guests. If you know your vines try to select some quirky sect that is hard to get and will be an interesting addition to anyone's bar. My personal favorites are vines with bees on the label because well, Bee.

Signature Scent  Despite my mother's objections I believe a candle, a really nice candle, is an excellent gift for any occasion. There has been a lot of hype around Diptique, Jo Malone or White Company candles online. Recently there has even been a collaboration between a magazine/ online publication and a perfumer to create a candle! My heart lies with Byredo though - Bibliotheque and Apocalyptic bring memories to me and that's what a scent should do. Think about the person you are about to gift with one, it's always a hit or miss with scents but if you guess right...

Quality Quilt For anyone who grew up in the Eastern part of Europe a household was not complete without a stack of ugly but warm fleece blankets. They were great but looked horific. Now as a proud owner I added ugly blankets to the list of things I will never hoard in my apartment and no one really should. On top of my Christmast list proudly resides a bulletpoint stating wool blanket - with three options that are timeless, fit any decor and will be functional too 1,2,3.

Beloved Book. When there is one thing there is never enough of in a household, it is books. My best friend's mum always says -  if a man does not have books or plants in his home, you should not be there either. 

Essential Equipment. It could be anything from a beautiful cutting board, through wooden paper roll holder, to a sterling silver wine opener. If you can, keep the quality and usability level high. For all you know the person you are gifting might be crying over the cutting board and a pile of onions for decades to come!

Spectacular Sound. Could be a great gift idea to your twenty something brother, your lonely grandma or very social best friend. Good music for a house party or dinner is an essential part of good mood so make it sound and look nice!

Glorious Grooming. It was only after my first Aesop soap purchase I realised that 300DKK soap is kind of worth it. That hotel room standard of hand washing and conditioning will get you going I guarantee that (unless you are like my boyfriend who honestly could not care less but boys...).