PIZZA FOR THE QUEEN (not me, the other one)

I don't know how about you but when I was growing up all the food tasted more real. Peppers and tomatoes tasted of sunshine and soil. Basil was so fragrant you could smell it as soon as you approached the market and bread was always crispy on the outside and soft like clouds on the inside even the next day. The ingredients of meals were honest and you could taste all of them in like a symphony.

These days ever so often when I shop or eat you don't feel that the food touched the ground, took it's time to grow and had men and women collect it with their bare hands. The food these days is pale, tasteless and grown hydroponically.

It is no secret I often take pictures for the Copenhagen branch of Rosso Pomodoro and I am always pretty damn pleased with their food... so hearing about their menu overhaul got me pretty curious! It included multi grain and gluten free options but also a whole new array of food with true Italian tomatoes. The taste of them was EVERYTHING. I immediately went back to all my good memories of hiking with a pre-packed lunch munching on home grown tomatoes somewhere on top of a hill in Slovakia. It's always the base ingredients that matter the most to me, you could think it's just a tomato but that tomato is what gives all the pizza and pasta the signature taste. After all pizza Margherita was invented for a queen, I doubt she would be fine with a pale tasteless round vegetable. ;)