Jon Snow keeps promising in ominous voice that “Winter is coming” but the led in our termometers (understand iPhone weather app) says it’s well arrived. In true Copenhagen fahsion I am still trying to keep my ankles bare until they turn blue but I think the days of autumn have passed. To me that only means one thing... December is close enough to start thinking of my favourite part about winter in Scandinavia. CHRISTMAS DINNNEEERS! One with colleagues, second with colleagues, third with project partners, fourth with larger group of friends, fifth with smaller group of friends… December keeps them coming and I am ready!

Earlier this week I photographed a great event that had my table styling fever going. Eva Solo got a few influencers together at a rustic (and little remote) restaurant 56 Grader.

There was a lot of blank tables to be made pretty and cozy and wicked amount of inspiration for the dinners to come! I cannot wait to be finally moved to our new apartment and spent cozy evenings with friends, vine and great food!