You know how you always hear the story when someone built a business empire off a thing they were missing in their life? I think that’s what Myhre Staal is heading towards.

Two girls who had great taste but could not find the thing they were after and opened a whole new system of fine jjewelry. None of them have background in jewelry making, yet they just know what lifelong statement pieces should look like. So whether you have been dreaming of a ring you saw just want to customize it to your own needs or you want to create bespoke piece as a gift for your loved ones they could be the solution you are lookign for.


I photographed their social media content this Sunday, on a super gloomy day where we just had fun and put together all the things that the brand wants to be associated with. Sometimes it is a whole team of people standing by the image and sometimes it’s just a person like you and me who makes their dreams happen. I am happy I could be joining the journey so early on to see them grow because when you have an idea you should just go for it and see where it takes you.