There is something about hotels... the way they make us feel the way everything is perfect (if done right). They seem like the perfect home with butlers and fresh breakfast and crisp white linens. I guess after a while it might feel impersonal but while the enchantment lasts they are the perfect escape.

I come to Nimb more often than other hotels in Copenhagen. It is very whimsical and makes an impression so a lot of bands choose it for their events. I even held my own birthday tea party here because despite it's renowed name it's never crowded and it feels intimate. 

You don't feel like you are in a hotel here. It's an Alice in wonderland kind of experience, each room has it's own character but together they work to tell a story. And everything, everything has it's perfectly planned out place, but you see it only when you look close enough.

The bar cart below? The pillar by which it stands was the only place where the morning light could hit the glass as the sun started to shine through. Breakfast jars with little black bows only missing a note saying "DRINK ME".