It is not that crazy often we go and eat out. Both me and my boyfriend are stay in kind of people. But with Copenhagen having the highest saturation of cool brunch places here and there we venture into the crazy world of endless choices and look for the next great thing. The next favourite where we end up going all the time until we get bored.

This Saturday we had to have a super needed catchup wth our mutual friend who suggested Far’s Dreng. We heard of it we haven’t tried it and I think we will come back! Lol a very unexpected verdict huh?

We sat outside (probably one of the last days we were able to do it without freezing), and we ordered French Toasts and Latte’s. It was still to early for them to serve lunch but we wanted something warm and hearty.  It’s exactly what we got and I think I will want to come back on a less busy day so I can enjoy the interior of the place too! It’s quite cute!