Two bra’s, one black one nude.

Three pairs of shoes which for the summer months were my sneakers, Birkenstocks and one fancier but flat pair for the evenings.

Four bottoms consisting of my COS drop crotch woolen pants (that double as lounge pants if necessary), pinstripe H&M one’s, one midi skirt and a pair of shorts – lately I have fallen in love with last seasons burgundy Munthe one’s.

The biggest number of item’s are the tops, I like to keep fresh one’s for every day if possible. I want them to go with everything I have brought and be able to combine them interchangeably. It’s usually my favorite t-shirts from Other Stories, my white shirt from the same place (because lol yes I shop in like 2 shops) and one random extra something which most likely ends up being a blue shirt because I’m basic like that.

If you roll everything neatly all of the items will fit into your carry-on size and if you keep it simple with the mak – up you are good to go to fly through security like nobody’s business.

My trips have become so much easier already and just writing this makes me want to jet off and take a holiday.